Please help me figure out this guy, I can’t tell if he is still interested or not

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starry asked 7 years ago

I met a guy at school, we exchanged numbers, and he started texting me. We went on 1 date, and it went great. Problems started when my ex showed up wanting to get back together. I didn’t want to get back w him, but made the mistake of telling the new guy. He backed off/stopped contacting me, said he didn’t want a relationship. We still talked at school occassionally as if nothing had happened, but no contact outside of school.

2 months have passed since all of this happened.  On Saturday he texted and acted completely normal, asked what I was up to, what movie I saw, and who I was with. That was 8pm. We continued to text back and forth until I went to bed at 2am. On Monday, I decided to text him (trying to show i’m still into him) and he was responsive, funny, etc. We continued to text again, until I went to bed at midnight. Then I didn’t hear from him until Thursday, which was the last day of our semester. He texted me after class, around 8pm. We both had plans with our own friends, and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was at a club, and he said “that’s a fun way to celebrate.” Then he said “Are all the guys hitting on you?.” I joked and said that I was on “good behavior and just dancing with my friends.” He continued to text me throughout the night, until I went to bed at 3am.

Then, I texted him on Sunday. He told me he was working on a painting. I asked if I could see it and he said he was having an art show in a couple weeks, that he would let me know about it, and that I could see it then. I told him I would definitely be there. We continued to text again until I went to bed. It is now Wednesday, and I haven’t heard from him. Before all of this, he texted every day, but so far he isn’t doing that. I don’t want to be pushy about things, but I’m also not sure about how he feels. I feel that if I bring it up, he’s just going to back off again. Any advice?

Is he still interested or just being friendly/keeping me around as someone to text for fun?