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poison884 asked 6 years ago

A Man approached me online and we got talking, he showed genuine interest and told me our signs match too (Random to do, hes Taurus, im Capricorn) and he wanted to meet up which I agreed to and here goes;

Saturday 1 – I text him an hour before meeting date if he’s still available. He does not respond and rings me 40 minutes after due meeting to tell me he’s just finished work and wants it rearranged.

I was deeply offended so I cut him off and after a week he contacted me to ask why I’ve stopped responding to him. He says if I gave him a chance then I would’ve known that he’s not here to waste my time. So I felt bad and hasty and therefore started responding and talking again. He then asked several times if we could rearrange and I agreed the following Saturday which he also confirmed the night before.

Saturday 2 – he messages me all morning but there’s no conversation of meeting up and when I asked later what happened – he said I didn’t initiate it. So he asked to arrange it for the following Saturday and to let him know if I’m available. I said okay and then we didn’t talk for a few days, I text him to see if he’s okay and still wants to meet up on Saturday.  He said yes he does and I left it at that.

Later we started exchanging texts and I asked if he wanted to talk on the phone and I received no response at all. Even the next day I received zero apologies.

Now in a normal situation I’d think he’s not interested but then why instinctively respond to me and make warm compliments too?

Is this guy just a waste of space? I don’t think it’s a wise idea to see him now but am I overthinking this?

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oliver322 Staff answered 3 months ago