Am I doing something wrong?

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ladyevie13 asked 7 years ago

I seem to be doing something wrong as I seem to attract boys. The first ‘relationship’ I’ve ever had was when I was 23 and we parted on mutual terms as he was looking for a gamer girl and I am anything but. He did try to get me into them, but it didn’t work. The second was at the beginning of December. It started out just fine, but very, very quickly turned sour. He went through my phone when I was asleep, tried to pressure me with sleeping with him, and refused to come see me or take me out on a date (he lived in another city than I). I quickly ended that when I realized what he had done and what he merely wanted from me. 

Now, these are the only two that I have ever been in, but I have had friends with benefits and such, but I just want more. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I’ve pushed all the ones that just want me for my body and even then it is very, very few.

 I’m not skinny or stunning. Most of the people kinda skim over me in a crowd unless I’m in my costumes or make my presence known.

Am I doing something wrong to pick the seemingly worse for me?