Why Dating Older Men is Better for Me

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atrueloveme asked 2 years ago

I always come up with the same problem when I date men my age or even younger than me – they always want to be mothered. It makes me think they were looking for a mother instead of a girlfriend. I’ve had enough, so I packed my bags and said my goodbyes.
I thought I was done dating. Then I met the most charming gentleman that made me stop swearing off love after being hurt by my experiences. Problem was, he was 15 years my senior, and to be honest, that scared me a little. He was different from the men I’ve dated. That was a good thing. We were able to openly discuss about the age gap as it is the first time for either of us to date much younger or older.
His age was an advantage for me because he’s mature and more put together. He has a “been there, done that” vibe that’s easy to lean on, so it was comforting when I was going through buying my first home, investing, and everything that goes with being an adult.
My man is certainly above-average looking, and I’m okay with women flirting with him, because, well, who wouldn’t?! He carries the silver fox, Clooney-esque, sophisticated suave vibe really well.
I’m not perfect, so there really are days where I feel really inadequate. I compare myself to older women closer to his age, and how I’m not as successful, as experienced or as put together as them. He’s aware of this, and that’s why he comforts me and reassures me that he chose me.
Basically, I’m a better person because of him. I was sort of a mess before him. I was into partying, drugs and stupid shit. When I found myself falling for him, I changed myself and cleaned up my act. Mind you, he didn’t ask this from me. It just came to me that he deserves better so I changed my tune to better match him.
All the things he’s done in our relationship is for us and he’s not playing around. Mostly because he’s 50 and he’s too tired to play around for nothing. Thanks to him, I feel beautiful, smart and sexy. My self-esteem has never been better in years.
TL;DR I really think dating older men is more fruitful. Do you disagree, or are you in the same boat as me?