he cheated while i was pregnant and most likely before that.

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anonymous_girl asked 3 years ago

I have been with my boyfriend going on 3 years now. We have a four month old daughter and I recenlty found out about him cheating on me twice while I was carrying his baby. I confronted him about it and he admitted to one girl but says the other girl (my cousin) was trying but he turned her down. Which I believe is a lie because if he did nothing wrong why wouldn’t he tell me about it? I feel like there are other things I don’t know about. And its not like he came to me and confessedeither. His supposed friend told me about it because I was constantly being accused of being unfaithful and he called while he was working away and stated he never wanted to see me again and if not for our daughter he wouldn’t. I was extremely upset and texted our mutual friend asking if he thought my bf would cheat. Everyone was telling me he must be doing something if im constantly being accused for no reason but I didn’t want to believe it. Well our friend informed that yes he would cheat that infact he already has. As hurt as I am and as wrong as he was I feel like I should give him a chance because early in our relationship I cheated with my ex of 8 years which is also the person I left to be with my now bf. I came clean to him about my betrayal and told him I really wanted to be with him and wanted to have an honest and faithful relationship. He had a hard time getting past it and I feel like this may be the reason for his unfaithfulness. I also feel like it was very different because we didn’t live together when I cheated and I came clean even though he suspected and was questioning me I didn’t have to but I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted an honest monogamos relationship. I was carrying his baby while he was living in my apartment eating my food. I was working and taking care of us while he was out getting drunk and high cheating on meand did I mention I was carrying his baby! All the while putting me down for cheating and telling me the was something wrong with me and constantly being accused of being unfaithful. He told everyone that he didn’t know if the baby was his. (To justify the way he was treating me I assume). I feel so betrayed and used. I just don’t know if I should give him a chance or not. He swears he knows he was wrong and that he was focusing on all the negitive things and that he now sees what he needs to do blah blah blah. But he didn’t come clean to me and even admitted that he never would have if I had not found out!?! I don’t think he’s being totally honest about everything. Does he deserve another chance. He stayed with me after I cheated but in all reality he didn’t really give me another chance. He just hurt me and now we have a baby. I