He’s cheating on her for 7 years????

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Niloo asked 7 years ago

It’s been near 6 month since we’re in relationship! And long time ago when we were together for 2 month one night his ex called me from his phone, and she was in his place, and we had some arguments and she told me that they are in relationship for 7 years and he cheated on her with me and …

But he didn’t say anything when she was talking to me! Then the day after he explained everything to me and told me that she called her at night and told him she is on her way and she wants to talk to him, then when he were in other room she called me from his phone!

And he said that 7 years is bullshit. I’m 22! 7 years ago I were a teenage in love with my neighbor and that’s not true. She made everything up to deceive you!
I accepted everything, cause I really love him :(, although I still feel bad about myself for trusting him and believing what he said cause everything seems so unreasonable!

Then a few days ago I went through his conversation histories in yahoo! And He was chatting with one of his friends about marriage 2 years ago!!!
His friend said about his girlfriend getting married to other guy and he said this:
Me and my girlfriend have been together for 5years now! And I really love him and if I want to marry someone I’ll marry her, because I know everything about her! And I’ll continue our relationship as far as I can but if someday I see that I can’t continue it I’ll go and marry her!

Well he was talking to his friend about her 2 years ago telling him I’m with this girl about 5 years. So when she calls me 2years after telling me I’m with him about 7 years she’s actually lying!!!

I don’t what to do!!! I can’t ask him about that cause he doesn’t know I’ve read many messages from him and I don’t know if I should tell him cause he trusted me and gave me his password!
But what should I don’t know????? I can’t sit here doing nothing waiting for a totally obvious reason to know if his cheating on me!!!!! He’s obviously cheating!!!!!!!!

And I can’t find out a good logic that they’ve been together for 7 years????? It’s not really logical but all the evidence shows that it’s true!!!

And he had many other girlfriends all this year! So what’s the point?

Is she her marriage case only? And he’s just having fun with other girls? So why she called and said I’m his girlfriend and he cheated on me???!! She only found out about me and not other girls????!!!!

I don’t really know!