is my usband cheating on me

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dee asked 7 years ago

im pretty confused …… we are a normal couple ……… married now for over 6 yers,  wit two beautiful kids. my husband as a bad habit of flirting wit strange women or girls on facebook and other chat sites which makes me pretty upset coz i feel tat e spends more time wit them than wit me. wen i ask Him abt it my husband  says its not like i want to sleep wit them and stuff like tat …we argue a lot on this regard, please help me, wt should i do

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sussyoptions answered 2 years ago

I think this is quite a problem because now you really have to find what motivates him to go around FB in search of other women when he has you at home. An unfaithful partners worst nightmare is getting caught cheating. If you announce your suspicion that alone makes him aware of what is going through your mind and he simple aligns that with cheating so as to always defeat your thought and cover his tracks neatly. Yes i might have a suggestion for you towards that perspective. Discover the real truth with digital evidence, Find “digitalhack10ATgmailDOTcom” [access to Facebook chat, whatsapp chat, Instagram DM, tinder messages, phone texts, call logs, browser history, recover deleted files and texts, gallery folder, GPS location.] he is ethical.