what would u call it Jealously or Over thinking?

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Britt1991 asked 7 years ago

is he cheating again if talks to all these girls? and tells them what they want to hear. my boyfriend has friends that are girls but all they talk about is how they wanna have sex or they are sexting. he tells me that he aint going to leave me again. See we already have two kids together and a break up might hurt them since there attacted to seeing their daddy every day.but im not sure if its just me over thinking   or me just being jealous hes paying more attention to other girls too. 

1 Answers
sussyoptions answered 2 years ago

The number one indication that your spouse may be cheating is an unusual need for privacy. If your spouse has always been a “private” person, even with you, this may not indicate an affair. But if your spouse was previously open with you, and suddenly is withdrawn and is keeping things from you that he or she previously shared, this could indicate an affair.
Password protecting phones or computers for no reason
Changing previously shared passwords and not sharing the new password
Deleting call and text history
Leaving the room to take phone calls
Minimizing computer screens when you enter the room
Clearing internet history every time the computer is used
Creates new personal email addresses, or uses a secret email address
Has a second phone, especial one he or she didn’t tell you about
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