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Frossuche asked 7 years ago

I have sent a number of texts to my ex in the last couple of weeks and they have gotten out of hand. It was my ex who texted me first and I know I shouldn’t have replied but I was glad to hear from her as it was her who had ended our relationship 2 years ago. Once again I am very aware that it is entirely inappropriate to text other girls while in a relationship but I am where I am.

I enjoyed the attention from her and it went further to talking about old times and our sex life. Since then I have told her I have a girlfriend and that I’m not interested but my ex continues to text me and I am now trying to be polite so she doesn’t get mad and tell my girlfriend. Should I tell my girlfriend before she finds out?

I feel like I should, but HOW do I explain my stupid mistake??

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sussyoptions answered 2 years ago

You really have to inform her before she gets to find out. Then you just would be in more of a mess i can guarantee you that. The earlier the better make a wise decision. Never can say just might be the turning point.