My husband is looking at other women on CL!!

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alley asked 7 years ago

There is a section on craigslist under personals called, “Casual Encounters”. Once that link is clicked there are thousands of people in the city that you look up, they put up nude pictures of themselves and they want a NSA (No strings attatched). My husband went on it and I saw it on his phone (I had to call my mom and BAM there it was on the screen). I told him I felt uncomfortable with him gazing at other women, especially on CL (craigslist) because he is a pool guy and he’s always on the road, so I told him it’s too tempting to be on a site like that.

Near Valentines Day his mom called his phone, I picked it up we talked and when i hung up,  there he was looking at naked women on CL. I confronted him and he swore it wouldn’t happen again. It happened again. The third is the charm. Last night something was bugging me I couldn’t sleep. He kept asking me if I was attracted to other men and thought this behavior odd. So I knew he felt guilty and I asked him what he was guilty of. “What are you talking about, I’m not guilty! Are you guilty?!”

Was my response. So I went to his phone and I didn’t know what to do. I saw he had 9 emails so I clicked that. It was an email I NEVER see him use so I grew concerned, I went to sent and there it was, two emails sent to women on CL. One he asked if it was his ex wife, the second he said “when and where?” I don’t know if he followed through with it, he was at work working the front desk that day. Which was May 10th.

But the fact that he said when and where made my heart sink. Now, i’m a bigger girl, the women he looked at are skinny minnies. It eats me up inside, I bought an elliptical, quit smoking, and stopped drinking soda in all hopes that I can be as skinny as them. So now my self esteem is shattered. What should I do?

Should I give him yet again another chance? As of last night he slept on the couch and tonight I’m going to sleep in the office where there is a futon until i can figure out what to do.. Sorry for the long story.

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rehearsal answered 2 years ago

I know this post is four years old, but I’m encountering the same exact thing.  Can you tell me how you’re doing now?  Thank you!