I made a fake profile to see how my bf acts on a dating website?

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Quilve asked 5 years ago

I met my current boyfriend on a dating website, and we recently became official. I was never that active on my account so I logged in the other day to deactivate it and I noticed that he was online. I thought this was interesting because lately he hasn’t been talking to me that much and had yet to respond to a text I sent him a couple hours prior. For the past week I’ve been logging in sporadically to see how often he’s on and it’s pretty much 24/7. I asked him why and he gave me some vague answer about keeping in contact with friends he made. I asked why they only talk on a dating site instead of fb/text and he started to get agitated and kept beating around the bush, and accused me of being crazy and paranoid.

Well I certainly wasn’t paranoid until he said that so I made a fake profile and waited. I wanted to first see if he was still actively looking and would message me without me doing any work (i didnt wink, smile, flirt, or initiate conversation). Lo and behold he was because he checked out my profile and started talking to me! My alter ego asked him what he was hoping to get out of the site and if he’d had any luck (to see if he would mention friendship only) and he said he was looking for a relationship and it’s been hard because ‘the girls on here don’t seem to want that’ and basically tried to woo my socks off.

I’ve never done this type of thing before so Im wondering what’s the best way to approach this because he flat out lied to me. Should I just dump him based on not being able to trust him or should I mention that I caught him at his own game? Either way we’re going to break up but I dont know if its necessary to let him know I made a fake profile

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stfuidc answered 2 years ago

i am going thru the same shit rn, i need answers .

TSD16 answered 2 years ago

Sounds like hes just keeping you around until he finds something he thinks is better.  Id go ahead and pull the trigger and drop him. Really, no point in telling him, in these situations the party doing wrong will just shift the blame and somehow validate their actions based on what you did.