Fake Facebook Account to See If Boyfriend would Cheat

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Liasb asked 6 years ago

Yesterday afternoon my best friend told me she made a fake account to see if my boyfriend would accept her request for an add and start to chat to her ( I agreed) To my big surprise he did. He kept talking..Sending pictures of himself and never told me anything about it. 

Can’t believe it this makes me sick

When my friend told him at the end of the conversation that it was her and that she wanted to check if he wasn’t a cheater and a liar, he told her I already knew it was her and that he wanted to see how stupid she was! what should I believe? Did I do the wrong thing?

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Evolzippo answered 2 years ago

This whole business of trying to see if you can get your partner to cheat is kinda shady. Honestly, if a girl I was with tried to pull that on me, I’d play along, and when she did a ‘big reveal’ I’d dump her on the spot. 
What your friend did is also shady. What it sounds like to me, is that she either wants to find out if stealing your boyfriend, or fucking him in secret is doable. And since she did it while you were there, you wouldn’t suspect her of hitting him up later with “Okay, your gf isn’t here. I really meant the things I said” would you? I bet that hadn’t occurred to you. 
If I were you, I’d choose better friends. This one seems to have a hidden agenda. You kinda fucked up his trust in you. It’s not clear if you really have a chance to keep him or not. The best thing you can do is stop playing silly games.
And that’s the best advice I can give