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shelbyndrinkard asked 2 years ago

So I have had my fair share of bad luck with love. I dated a guy who beat he crap out of me and then I started dating another guy where I thought his control was protection. He was cute and well like and that controlling , belittling relationship turned in to 6 years and a marriage that lasted only 8 months and then a divorce. So obviously atract that type. So after my divorce I was just having fun learning who I was. And I found her. And I wasnt looking for love. It had just found me. I went to a sporting event with a girl friend of mine and since my divorce she had been telling me about a guy that he liked that was friends with her bf as well. I always just brushed it off. Until that sporting event we were walking in and I noticed this really atractive guy looking at me. We made eye contact a few times and smiled. Until my friend noticed him as well, and it was the guy she had been feeding information to me about , and she was feeding information about me to him as well. Well we hit it off. We saw each other the next two nights. And it was like magic from them on. Only probably that week I was moving 12 hours away. Well we kept on contact. And started talking more and more each day. Until we saw each other a few times, either drove or flew. And of course long distance is hard but we were making it work. Talking alot and face timing. A couple months went by I start to really really fall in love with him. And that freaks me out. I pushed him away at first and told him I just didn’t know , because I found a few things out about his ex. ( Nothing to do with me, just me being in my head because I wasn’t around. I’m 12 hours away ) he fought for me then. And we worked things out the next couple of day. Then after that we were great! Making plans for the future and setting up a plan to what was going to happen next in this relationship. He was in love with me, I was in love with him. And we fell hard. I was never happier and I had never had feelings this true before. I loved my ex husband . But not the way I was in love with this man. Well a week before I was about to fly down there before the flights got really expensive for the holidays. I was getting my hair done, and I made a joke about what I was going to do. And he responded with a joke back , like saying “don’t show up to my house like that,” and I just saw RED. At that moment I went back to 6 years of being controlled and told what I could and couldn’t do. And I went off! I said awful things. And later that night he called , I didn’t answer he left a voicemail saying he was sorry and he got called back into work. I left him a message saying I didn’t know what to say to him. So he took it as I didn’t want to talk, which anyone would. And the next day instead of me saying I’m sorry, I was still pissed and being to prideful. When I was wrong in every way. But because he didn’t talk . I got more mad. And figured he just didn’t care , he didn’t love me to fight for him. And that night I called and said more mean stuff and ended it. Of course that’s not what I wanted . But I guess I felt as if because I was feeling hurt, I needed to hurt him before I got hurt worse. And the next day I realized what I had done, I tried to talk to him. He wanted no part of it. I tried again on Sunday and Monday. Until I begged him to answer me if he still wanted me on my flight that week. He said he didn’t want to see me. And that he needed some time. That he couldn’t keep getting put down. And I understand, I did the exact same thing to him as my ex husband did to me for years. But I know for a fact he’s the love of my life. And 2 weeks has passed and no words have been spoken . I stopped texting after my flight had left and I wasnt on it. But today I was really thinking about him. And I texted and said , ” thought about you today,hope your doing well.” He came back with “I’m great , been busy with work. Hope your doing well too.” So we sorta small talked or a bit. And he still has me on social media. But I want him back, but I don’t know how to. Without being to pushy.

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marthacamila54 answered 2 years ago

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