How do I move on when he is the only one I want?

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sweetbabe28 asked 7 years ago

My boyfriend of almost 2 and a half years recently broke up with me and kicked me out about a week ago… We had lived together for roughly 2 years and for a few months things started to go down hill. I didn’t want to believe that we were drifting apart and that he was losing interest in me. We still had sex and acted like a couple but more recently – like the last month- we were arguing and fighting a lot more. There was a couple instances of violence where he slapped me… one where i slapped him and he slapped me back… but nothing serious. He told me he needs space and time.. That he isn’t ready to be married yet and it felt like we were. Yet he had told me on more than one occasion that he wanted to marry me, he actually asked me if I wanted to get married this summer… but there were some things standing in our way of doing so, I said why not wait till next summer when all this stuff is hopefully cleared up. And all this stuff going on (court issues) is stressing him out big time! And I told him that I will always be there for him through all of this, to support him and hold him up.

When I was getting the rest of my boxes from his house, he had been helping me load them up, he asked if he could have a hug, I said yes… I started bawling my eyes out and said ‘I can’t do this’ and I was kissing his arm… then he started to cry and I asked him why he was… he said he didn’t know. I told him I love him and he said he loves me too, but he just needs space and time. I stupidly said something along the lines of you aren’t going to sleep with any other girls are you? And he told me no. Well the other day I was supposed to watch our dog while him and his daughter went camping, plans changed and they weren’t going anymore… but he still let me spend the night. I was ok that night… didn’t cry on him, we had sex like normal and fell asleep together cuddling. Then the next day came and I was a wreck… I asked him if he was going to mess around with other girls on his motorcycle trip with the guys and he said that yea he probably was going to… he didn’t have to “listen” to me anymore because we are broken up.

I understand he needs space… it is just so hard to not talk to him and stay away from him when I love him so much and can’t stant being away from him. I know it has only been a short time but I am a mess and need help… any advice?! I keep getting ‘give it time’ and ‘move on’ and the ever popular ‘everything happens for a reason, it will all work out.’ I am just hoping that he will work everything out that he is going through and come back to me… he says he still loves me and still gave me kisses when I left. Please help me!