Should I tell him I know everything, Now what kinda explain do you have?

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Niloo asked 7 years ago

Things are not going well between me and my boyfriend lately. I don’t think I can trust him anymore.
It all started when he gave his facebook and email password to me to check something for him and he didn’t guess I may go through all his fb messages and yahoo’s conversation history!
I found some bad things there. There were some stories that have happened in the past and have nothing to do with me. But they weren’t good things and he did some not-so-nice things before!
Although that things are from the past and before our relationship but he’s still the same person! And he might do the same things to me!
When I was reading his chats, I felt really bad about myself because he actually trusted me and I misused his trust for my own good. But then I think maybe he gave his password to me on purpose so that I can check everything and find nothing and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know about yahoo’s conversation history, cause he deleted all the chats with his ex girlfriends and other girls on fb. So that’s obvious!
You mean he never thought that I might check anything? Although I’m actually a GIRL and his GIRLFRIEND and I MIGHT CHECK him, because that’s what any other person might do!
I don’t know what to do now! Because I can’t act like before anymore! And I can’t really trust him. I don’t know if I should break up with him and bringing some other reasons or tell him that I know everything. If I tell him that he might not be able to trust me anymore too, so everything’s gonna end either way!
Or maybe there’s a hope? Cause although I know everything. I’m thinking he might have done those things for reasons and he can tell me, or he might just get angry at me for not trusting him and he’ll be the one who hates me!
I’m very confused 🙁