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atlast99 asked 7 years ago

In a nutshell,

My ex husband filed for divorce behind my back. We had an awful marriage, but we really loved each other. I moved a long way to be with him, then found out he’d cheated. I tried hard to let it go, but he lied about what truly happened and would never tell the whole truth no matter how much I begged. It took its toll on me and our marriage,

So we divorced, He got nasty during the divorce, I was loving, gave him space, 4 times he ‘changed his mind’ about wanting divorce, but the next day would disappear for another 2 weeks.

We eventually finalised and I moved back home. A few months have passed, he’s been messaging me on and off. Recently he’s been really nice, complimentary and even flirty, Says he still loves me and wants me but that I ‘made him think it would never work’ (because of how bad our marriage was – he blamed me for everything, including his actions)

I stil love him, but think he’s a bit of a narcissist. Its like he wants me, but any mention of commitment and he freaks out. He wants to have his cake and eat it? Do I cut him off completely? I know he loves me, but he seems so lost.