Why do I still feel like this?

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Robyn123 asked 7 years ago

I broke up with my ex boyfriend a month ago after two and a half years of been together. The break up came out of know where and was cause by him. In his in words he said i still love you and still what to be with you but something in my head says be single for a while. We have been best friends for five years and together two and a year and going from speaking to each other every day for five years to speaking very now and again is very hard on me. What I don’t understand is why even after he put me through heart break I want him ten times more now then when I was with him. I went out with the girls one night and kissed a few fellas but felt nothing while doing it. I thought it would help me get over him but just made me miss him even more. I constantly just want to text him and try sort things out but he’s stubborn and says he needs time to get this out of his system. Since we broke up a month ago we have seen each other twice an I can’t explain what I felt then two times I saw him but the feeling was out of this world and he asked me if I felt it to. Like what does that even mean? And when we do talk it’s like we’re not broken up we get on as if we’re together. I’m so confused cause after everything he’s put me through this last month I should hate him but instead I want him more than ever? Need advice more then ever. 🙁