How to move on from a 7 year relationship?

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WillGetThru asked 7 years ago

My ex-bf and I were together for a long time, broke up 5 months ago. Things just didn’t work out and were off and all the trying we did to help the situation just couldnt bring back the dynamic that we once had. We both were our first real bf and gf, by the way.
My question is, how do I move on peacefully without being angry or or resentful? I didn’t want to break up but he did and refused to keep trying to make it work. I know I can’t contact him anymore, when I did, he was cold and distant toward me, on top of that he has a new gf now. I still have memories of things he used to do for me and how he treated me with such care and love. He was my whole world for 7 years; my best friend, partner, confidant, everything and now, that person is gone and at times, I feel angry for him giving up, but at other times, I can’t blame him because it just seemed to not be in the cards for us; the relationship just died gradually without any extreme warning signs, until we realized it was too late. I want so badly to hear from the person who’d been in my life for 7 years, hear his voice, feel his embrace, his care, his love, but at the same time, I know I won’t get any of that from him now especially since he has a gf. How do I live with knowing he’s alive, but gone? How do I stop resenting him for having a new gf so quickly after our break up? I miss him dearly. My identity was strongly tied to his, so I do feel slightly lost now. Been trying to create myself and who find out who I truly am outside of a relationship.