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hat27 asked 7 years ago

About a week ago my boyfriend and I came to a mutual agreement to end our relationship of 3 months. He’s in the Navy and it was starting to get really hard for both of us. The thing is I still don’t understand where it went wrong. Everything seemed to be going well, even during the last conversation we had he still said I was the best the to happen to him and he didn’t want me out of his life. But now its been a week since then and we’ve barely said 2 words to eachother. I asked him if it was because of someone else and he said it wasn’t whic I fully believe to be true. I still think about him all the time and I think it was a mistake to stop tryng to make it work, I’m still willing to give it a shot. I really like this guy, I had a huge crush on him all through highschool, he was 2 years ahead of me, and when we met up again and started dating it was amazing. I need some advice on what to do.