When is the right time to say goodbye?

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QTzLover asked 6 years ago

My bf and I have been on and off since august of 2012. The first break up was caused by him acting like a creepy psycho after we moved in (way too soon). I ended up being pregnant and made him get help to be in our daughters life when she was born. We got back together when he seemed normal again. I moved in w him in oct. along with my 4 yr old daughter. Things were great at first. But now that he stopped seeing his therapist, he’s back to being clingy, needy, dependant and creepy. And now I’m seeing that he is like a teenage boy in every way (lazy, no manners, no common sense when it comes to safety/caring for a baby even thos she is 8 mo old now, inconsiderate, plays video games 8+ hours a day, compulsive liar, gets mad when confronted w his flaws). We have talked, but he isnt mature enough to listen, and I know he will only pretend to change until he “has me” again. So, now that I know for sure that he wont ever meet my standards, I’m planning to move out in a month. But idk when or how I should tell him. He should have a hint since we havent had sex in just over 2 months (no, im not cheating btw) and I avoid affection from him at all costs. He always asks whats wrong but i dont give a straight answer cuz i dont wanna start an arguement when my oldest child is there, which is almost always. He doesnt take bad news well. When we broke up last time, I was kind, soft and respectful about it, then he began to bribe me with crying (crying with his head down but peeking thru his hands to see if i was feeling guilty enough to change my mind). When that didnt work, he started to act like he was kicking me out even tho i was already leaving. He was pretty nasty about it too (yelling, name calling, ect). I really dont want any drama this time, which is all i can expect from such an immature and dramatic person. So, should I let him know I’m planning to move? (thats what i prefer, cuz lying isnt my thing) Or should I wait until I have to start packing to tell him? Or should I try to pack and move out while he is out of the house (which i know is sneaky but will result in no face to face drama)?