On and off 5 years… Time to move on????

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Krysha_Miller asked 7 years ago

I met this guy in 7th grade year. He was in 8th. Now im a graduated junior and hes a graduated Senior. We only really dated twice, but we always talked between the times and flirted and occasionally hung out. This past Summer we got back together and everything was great we fell back in love, talked about gettting engaged, and he wanted a future and family with me. He moved about an hour away to live with his mom and for a job so we could get an apartment in April. Well everything was fine for the first few weeks but then it got weird we just didnt know how to act. We broke up August 11th, and we had a few flings in between now and then. But im hurt. I think hes hurt too but im not sure. Now we dont even talk and im about to leave for college. Do you think he broke things off because he didnt want to make it hard when i move to college 5 hours north, now? or did he want to have time to recoop and let the pain settle efore I left? I love the town he lives in now and am still moving down there in April after i graduate. Do you think its time to move on? Or should I still have some hope about the relationship? I dont know what to do.