Jealous Ex Boyfriend Attempting To Break Up My Relationship!

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Kate_Sharp asked 7 years ago

Alright, I’ve been with my boyfriend Raymund for almost three years now, and I’m really scared that my ex will destroy that. So I befriended my ex boyfriend Kyle after not having contact with him for about three years. Our relationship went down hill and he wasn’t the nicest boyfriend so when we broke up, I moved on after being single for a few months. Anyway, things were pretty good when we were friends but slowly he started treating me like he did when he was with me and s**t hit the fan afterwards. He accused me of things, tossimg nasty words at me like “s**t”, “b***h” etc. He got that mad that he was determined to make sure he made me truly unhappy by breaking up my relationship. He contacted Raymund via Facebook and said that I’d slept with him three times behind Raymund’s back. I couldn’t stop myself from crying and shaking because I was scared he would believe him. Ray said he didn’t believe him and blocked him. But I’m scared its tainted the relationship. Help!