Caught him cheating yet again

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Goodnurse asked 7 years ago

It was brought to my attention that my bf of five years has a profile on plenty of fish looking for women to date I’m so hurt and angry, last November I caught him with profiles on different sites and he said it was because I wasn’t having enough sex with him, and not paying enough attention to him which is just an excuse. I’m a newly graduated nurse and can afford bills on my own so I’m getting ready to kick him out, how do I go about it? I don’t trust him at all and I’m sick of the lying and the cheating not to mention he is super cheap and whenever we go out he’s always calculating my share of the bill I need a real man, not a bill collector who cheats! I’m not crying into ice cream I’m just feeling like I should have seen this coming and I feel like a fool for giving him a second chance!